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  1. Any matches cancelled due to bad weather will be rearranged by the league, and are likely to be added on to the end of the season.
  2. We will post on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/roundersfunleague), twitter (https://twitter.com/RoundersFun) via SMS to Team Organisers and our website, if a match is cancelled due to bad weather (usually by 4:30pm on the day of match).
    2.1  If a whole evening of matches have to be cancelled (either due to weather or any other matter) these matches will be rescheduled at the end of the season
    2.2   If the Umpires deem that a change in the weather or any other situation warrants the cancellation of a match during play:
    – As long as both teams have played 1 innings each, the scores at the end of the 1st innings will be deemed the match result and full match fees and umpire fees apply.
    – If the teams have not played a full innings each, that match will be rescheduled at the end of the season teams do not have to pay Umpire Fee.
    – Rounders Fun League will SMS Text Team Organisers and use Facebook about the cancellation for any remaining matches on the evening asap, and those matches will be rescheduled at the end of the season.
  1. If a team needs to concede a match, then they will still be charged match fees. If they concede on the day, then they would be liable for both teams fees.  PLEASE NOTE:  If you do need to concede the TEAM ORGANISER must notify Rounders Fun League. Please do not post on facebook and do not contact your opposition.
  2. A team can only concede one match in a season. They will incur a fine of £30 if more than one match is conceded.
  1. Rounders Fun League is all about having fun in the sun. Please ensure that all your team members are aware of the code of conduct they are signing up to
    • Observe the rules of the game
    • Play fair, and be competitive without aggression
    • Do not question the decision of the umpires. Feel free to ask for clarification of a rule at a break.
    • Do not waste time during play
    • Ensure that obscene language is not used. This includes swearing!
    • Respect the umpires and thank them at the end of the match
    • Have fun and enjoy!
  1. Each game is approximately 45 minutes long and will consist of 2 innings per team. An innings will end if all the batting team are all out.
  2. An innings consists of 20 good balls per team.
    (If on the 20th  ball, there are still other batters IN, then the 20th batter has one good ball. If however, on the 20th Ball, there is only 1 better left IN, and all the other batters are OUT, then this batter would get the best of 3 balls).
  3. Please ensure you are ready to start your match at the allotted time, otherwise match times may be cut short due to poor light.
  4. The updated results will be on our website weekly, showing teams position and fixture results.
  5. Rounders England Rules apply. Please see their website for a full set of rules.
  1. Each team has a minimum of 6 players and a maximum of 15 players with no more than 9 players on the field for each team at any one time.
  2. If a mixed team there should be no more than 4 male players on the pitch at any one time.
  3. Games are played over 2 innings.
  4. Players can play or “ring” for other teams, and are not restricted to just playing for one team.
  1. Enter the batting square when called to do so by the umpire.
  2. You will have one good ball bowled to you.
  3. You can take a no ball and score in the usual way (see below), but once you reach 1st post you cannot return.
  4. You cannot be caught out or stumped out at 1st post on a no ball.
  1. Not a smooth underarm action.
  2. Ball is above HEAD or below KNEE.
  3. Ball bounces on way to you.
  4. Wide or straight at body.
  5. The bowler’s foot is outside the square during the bowling action.
  1. If you stop at a post you must keep contact with the post, either with hand or bat. If you do not the fielding team can stump the post ahead of you to put you out.
  2. When the bowler has the ball in the bowling square you cannot move on, but if you are between posts you can carry on to the next one.
  3. You must stop at 1st post if the ball is hit backwards and stay at 1st while the ball is in the backwards area. You may continue running once the ball is in the forward area.
  4. You cannot have two batters at the same post. The umpire will ask the first batter to run on when the second makes contact.
  5. When at a post you do not have to run on for every ball bowled.
  6. You can move on as soon as the ball leaves the bowler’s hand, including no balls.
  7. You must touch 4th post on getting home.
  1. 1 Rounder if ball is hit and 4th post is reached and touched before the next ball is bowled.
  2. 1 Rounder if ball is hit and 4th post is reached on a no ball.
  3. ½ Rounder if 4th post is reached without hitting the ball.
  4. ½ Rounder if ball is hit and 2nd or 3rd post reached and touched before the next ball is bowled, but if you continue this run and are put out before reaching 4th post the score will be forfeited.
  5. Penalty ½ Rounder for an obstruction by a fielder.
  6. Penalty ½ Rounder for 2 consecutive no balls to the same batter.
  7. 1 Rounder for a backward hit if 4th post is reached (you must stay at 1st post while the ball is in the backwards area).
  8. The team with the highest number of Rounders at the end of the game wins.
  1. Caught
  2. The post you are running to is stumped.
  3. Foot over the front/back line of batting square before hitting or missing the ball.
  4. Running inside a post (unless obstructed).
  5. You overtake another batter on the track.
  6. A player slides to make ground at a base rather than running.
  7. Deliberately throw or drop bat.
  8. If ordered to make and maintain contact with the post by the umpire and you refuse to do so.
  9. You lose contact with the post:
    • When the bowler has the ball and is in the square.
    • During the bowler’s action but before they release the ball.
  10. On all narrow decisions the batter has the benefit of the doubt.

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